Hanging Fixtures

A Better Way to Light Your Home

A Better Way to Light Your Home

Get professional fixture installation services in Green Bay, WI

Do you still have gold-plated light fixtures from the 1960s hanging in your home? Not only are older fixtures less attractive, but they're also less energy-efficient. Upgrade the lighting in your home with modern, stylish light fixtures.

MDJ Inspection Services LLC in Green Bay, WI provides professional fixture installation services for all of the lights in your home. From your dining room chandelier to the track lighting in your kitchen, we can safely secure newer fixtures that add more value to your home.

Reach out to us in Green Bay, WI to schedule your fixture installation today.

Which lighting is right for you?

Does the yellow lighting in your bathroom make your sink or tubs look dingy? Do you want stylish can lighting in your kitchen? MDJ Inspection Services can install a variety of fixtures throughout your home, including:

  • Overhead lighting in bedrooms
  • Ceiling fans in living rooms
  • Track lighting in kitchens
Ask about our custom fixture installation services today and change up the look of your space the easy way.