Installing Cabinets

Spice Up Your Bland Kitchen

Spice Up Your Bland Kitchen

Hire us for custom cabinet installation in Green Bay, WI

Cookie-cutter cabinets aren't doing much for your kitchen design. Improve your space with custom kitchen cabinets.

MDJ Inspection Services LLC in Green Bay, WI offers custom cabinet installation services for all areas of your home, from your kitchen and laundry room to your bathroom or home bar. We can install your choice of cabinetry to fit perfectly in your home so you can get the stylish and functional space you deserve.

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A professional approach to cabinet installation

You don't think about how much weight your cabinets need to hold until one comes crashing down on you. Avoid cabinet installation mistakes with help from MDJ Inspection Services. We have the right brackets, anchors and tools to safely secure your new cabinets so you can store anything and everything out of sight.

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